Richard Sanders Institute for Higher Learning

General Information

This institute was founded in 1810 as a place for those children who show an aptitude greater than their peers. Its security was the most advanced in order to protect what the United States at the time felt was its most precious asset.

Over time, this concept became corrupted into just a school that protected the most precious assets (powerful people’s children) and the brightest was just a side effect of the way these students are taught. While the root of the schools charter requires the school to seek out the brightest to come to this school, the majority of the administration gets around this by deeming most of the powerful people ‘brilliant’. There are those in the administration that still follow the spirit of the original charter.

Social status is usually based on who your parents are. There are hardly any fights at this school since they all know that they are there for their protection and the rules are strict on those involved in fights at the school.
Richard saunders

Richard Sanders Institute for Higher Learning

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