Kimie Maliya al-Masri (Yosono)

Tall, athletic, black hair and eyes, darker skin - Japanese and Egyptian ancestry


Kimie was born July 10, 1994. Her mother, Kitsune Seiko Matsushita, is a traditional Shinto woman; there is a shrine to the ancestors in a corner of the living room surrounded by a tiny rock garden and two plants (the ones seen in Blade at his meditative shrine [I found out this technically doesn’t exist as it was a mix of two plants; the flower was a member of the Protea family and the foliage of the Dracaena family]). Her father is an atheist Egyptian man, Maliq Ahmed al-Masri. Both are naturalized US citizens. Maliq is a dual citizen of Egypt and the USA. Kimie is also a dual Egypt/USA citizen.

Kimie was born during an extreme electrical storm that shorted out the house’s power. Her mother had elected to give birth at home with a lay midwife instead of the typical American practice of going into the hospital for a birth expected to be easy and uneventful. There were no problems with the birth once light was provided by candles. Perhaps a sign of things to come for Kimie was the beauty of the intertwined elements present while she was born as her mother is an ardent practitioner of Feng Shui. The light of the candles, a tiny Zen garden with both sand and water, and the lightest scents of those flowers brought the elements into the room with them. The moment of Kimie’s birth was also one of the strongest solar flares of the decade…

Her mother stays at home and telecommutes to work; she provides data recovery services for Fortune 500 companies on a contract basis. She travels when necessary, not usually more than a couple of times a year but she has been all over the world. Kimie has gone with her mother to multiple places.

Her father is a lab rat; he specializes in genetic research and animal testing and works at St. Vincent Healthcare.

Kimie started her life out physically active and has only become more so as the years go by. She started dance classes at two with her mom at The Dance Factory, archery with the Billings Rod and Gun Club at six, fencing at the Big Sky Fencing Assoc. at eight, lacrosse with Billings Scorpion Lacrosse at 10 and taiko drumming with a private tutor at 12 years old.

Kimie is an intelligent, quiet, unassuming young woman most of the time but allows all of her emotions out on the lacrosse field because all of her other activities require absolute control. She found early on in practice and competitions that most girls could not keep up with her on the field and so has been on boys’ teams since she completed her first year of lacrosse. Her parents were quite surprised but supportive of her efforts to be the very best she can be and so have fought when necessary to get the support of coaches and trainers if there were problems allowing a girl onto a particular team.

Kimie went to public school through 8th grade. She had some private tutoring when the school could not accommodate her advanced learning needs.

Food: Pizza (she is a teenager), steak (product of growing up in cattle country)
Color: red
Class: science – earth sciences especially
Activity: being physically active
Clothes: usually jeans and a plain t-shirt with scuffed trainers (she’s hard on clothes most of the time)
Jewelry: necklaces – her favorite and the one that doesn’t come off at any time is from her mother: it is six stones set in silver – one stone as a ring (rainbow hematite) and five cabochons in the middle (opal, garnet, citrine, emerald, and sapphire)
Hairstyle: informal – bun or loose ponytail; formal – updo with wisps on the shoulders
Movie: The Replacements, Necessary Roughness, The Mighty Ducks, Kingpin (Bill Murray bad guy), Friday Night Lights, Sugar, The Blind Side, Field of Dreams (I’m working on narrowing this list down, so bear with me.)
Music: (secretly: 80s power ballads) country esp. Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, Garth Brooks
Car: Jaguar XKR convertible in candy apple red

Kimie Maliya al-Masri (Yosono)

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