Elli Davisson (Synergi)

Elli is a very energetic blonde-haired teenage girl. Impulsive, but loyal to her friends. Beware the giving of any external energy supply (sugar, caffeine, chocolate)...



Elli stands only around 5’5" tall. She is an aspiring Olympic Gymnast. She seems to have a never-ending supply of energy. She is very happy and carefree. Elli celebrates her geekiness often. She is not ashamed of who she is one bit.


Synergi is Elli’s secret identity. She took on this identity when she discovered her powers under the direction of Ambrosinus. She is able to change the coloration of her eyes, lips and hair to purple with her own meta-human capabilities. The costume is more revealing that what Elli would normally wear. In addition, as Synergi she slows her speech and is more calm and reserved to hopefully separate this identity more.

Synergy mid transformationSynergi suited


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Elli Davisson (Synergi)

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