Andrew James Tyler (Hedron)

Charismatic and suave with a great sense of humour and a unique brand of herosim.


Once upon a time, Andy Tyler was a millionaire playboy who worked as a mercenary using his metahuman abilities. After getting involved with the Adversary, a villain determined to take over the world, he met Celestia, and redeemed himself by helping her and her companions defeat the supervillain.

His former exploits with women we often covered in the news, having been similar to Tony Stark in the days before Ironman. As a commitment-phobe known for his habits of dating a variety of multiple women, he was infamously known for an incident with triplets a hot tub and several bottles of baby oil.

Until he met Alaryssa Morgan.

She quickly realized he was more than he appeared, and fell in love with him after he proved his caring and compassion during a difficult time in her life. They were married and have a daughter, Alessandra Morgan, and recently adopted a young girl by the name of Allison.


Andrew James Tyler (Hedron)

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