Alessandra Gwentyth Windsor Morgan (Electra)

A tall young woman with long white hair and aquamarine eyes, sparkling with intelligence. She wears little makeup, preferring a natural look, and dresses in casual designer clothing.


Alessandra can usually be found hanging out with her friends, listening to their conversations while she works on her latest idea. She tends to carry around a slim tablet, constantly updating whatever project occupying her attention. Her ever-present designer bag holds a mystery of items, including a small case inside which is her little robot, Icarus, and a multitude of parts from which she can quickly assemble some random device at her leisure. The phone given to her by Tony Stark is either in her hand or stored in a special belt-holster she made.

Most often, Alessandra can be seen in casual clothing – usually a nice pair of jeans, modest designer shirt, and any one of an assortment of jackets purchased from around the world. At school, she wears rollerblades to get from class to class, but changes into her boots or a nice pair of shoes after school. Her clothing tends to be a bit prudent, out of respect for her father’s wishes, although she has begun wearing some more revealing clothing as she gets older.


Alessandra Gwentyth Windsor Morgan (Electra)

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