Alaryssa Gabriella Veradis Windsor Morgan (Celestia)

Alaryssa is a tall woman with snow-white hair, sapphire eyes, and ivory skin. She is poised yet friendly, greeting those she meets with a warm smile.


Most often Alaryssa can be seen in a suit when conducting business for Phoenix International, or in her superhero costume as Celestia. When at home, she prefers something a bit more comfortable and can usually be seen in jeans and a casual shirt – sometimes going so far as to wear one of the geek shirts given to her by her daughter. She tends to be a bit formal, especially when dealing with strangers, but is very friendly and down to earth with a great sense of humour to those who know her personally.


As the CEO of Phoenix International, Alaryssa Morgan has met many people, both personally and professionally, but one thing that almost all of them will say is that she never fails to treat them with kindness and respect. That is not to say she is a pushover. Mrs. Morgan is well-known for her strong convictions and tendency to know all aspects of any deal she is associated with. She is forward-thinking, willing to spend time investigating and contacting companies she believes will improve her company and prove a boon to its constant pursuit of excellence.

Alaryssa Morgan has other duties beyond those of the CEO of one of the largest corporations in the world. She is also known as Celestia, the co-leader of The Guardians, an international group of superheroes responsible for the protection of Earth. She is most well-known for saving the world from a meteor impact which would have resulted in a planetary extinction event. While there are those detractors who question the events, the general public views her and her team as heroes and have accorded them some celebrity status as a result.

Most important to Alaryssa, she is the wife of Andrew Tyler, current Vice President of Communications of Phoenix International, and the mother of Alessandra Morgan, until recently their only daughter. She recently adopted a young girl by the name of Allison, leading to rumours that she saved the girl and found she had no surviving family. The Morgans have always been very private with their personal lives, hence the press has little knowledge of the two girls or the current activities of the Morgans. They currently reside in Safe Harbour, Pennsylvania, where Alessandra attends school at the Richard Saunders Institute.

Alaryssa Gabriella Veradis Windsor Morgan (Celestia)

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